Sameer Sultan

In my mind, leadership is all about giving. Whether it’s just explaining a concept from class, giving some canned goods for a food drive, or organizing people towards change, I admire the leaders who strive to lift others above their limitations. Enabling and empowering others is easily the most satisfying part of being a leader.

Leadership Profile

Early in his leadership journey, Sameer defined leadership as one who takes others’ dreams into consideration before making decisions. This perspective has enabled Sameer to tackle leadership projects that enrich and enliven communities. From class president. to debate captain, to chess club founder, Sameer consistently considers the needs of others and seeks compromise to create alignment of goals and outcomes, even if it means adapting his own vision if he deems it better for the greater good.

Miree Project

Sameer’s passion for music has been a staple in his life. As his father and little brother attempted, with much difficulty, to learn music, he became adamant about music literacy and accessibility. His first idea was to provide pianos in public spaces, but he was able to make a quick shift when he learned of an opportunity to use his fundraising success to provide keyboards and lessons for students in an underprivileged elementary school. The remainder of the $3500 he raised for keyboards will go to Scrollworks, a local nonprofit that teaches music to disadvantaged youth.

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