Maaz Zuberi

Leadership is the ability to listen to everyone, create the solution, and delegate how the solutions are achieved.

Leadership Profile

10th Grade Class Secretary, 11th Grade Class Vice President, 12th Grade Class President, Co-Founder Altapreneurs Club, Founder Altamont eSports Club, Founder ChessForAll

Miree Project

Starting in his freshmen year, Maaz created the Altamont eSports Team which aimed to work on how to compete in video games fairly while also learning leadership and problem-solving skills through video games. The team competed in three games and placed top-three in the nation. To the players that have played together, they have learned how to become better problem-solvers, as well as learning leadership tactics in the game that can be applied to their everyday lives. Starting his junior year, Maaz expanded his leadership portfolio by creating Altapreneurs with some fellow classmates. Altapreneurs is a club aimed to teach students about business and entrepreneurship, allowing them to create an actual pitch. In the group's first project, students created Wicked Smart (, a peer-led tutoring service that provides personalized ACT tutoring for a low cost. Through the club, Maaz and other students were able to create a pitch for real investors in Birmingham.

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