Grey Laney

Leadership isn’t about using other people to further yourself; it’s about providing others with new opportunities.

Leadership Profile

Grey's approach to leadership started with the concept of confidence, a trait he admired and wished to cultivate in himself and others. With initial interests in the areas of hunger and poverty, Grey's extensive service work led him to establish a project teaching coding and computer skills to students in an underserved school.

Miree Project

Every Monday for over two years, Grey taught block coding to students at an underserved public school, Epic Elementary. Students came to him with varying levels of computer experience, but over time, Grey taught them broad computer literacy concepts, such as the importance of a username and password, to more nuanced skills in coding with Python. With one other student, Grey managed a large group of elementary students with little adult supervision. Over time, Grey learned to manage large groups of children with little to no adult supervision, as well as the power of showing up to serve in a consistent manner.

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