Eleanor Roth

Leadership is the act of acknowledging progress and growth while being both excited and determined to maintain the momentum of forward movement. Though the path to change may be rocky and uncertain, small steps forward are steps forward nonetheless.

Leadership Profile

Eleanor traces the inspiration for her community-centered project ideas to her involvement in leading the French Club, participating in Youth Leadership Forum and as an ambassador for her school, as well as serving as a member of Altamont’s Honor Court. She followed her interest in education by tutoring second-grade students for Birmingham’s STAIR (Start the Adventure in Reading) program. She enjoys learning about and volunteering in the Birmingham community in order to make a difference wherever possible.

Miree Project

Eleanor’s Miree Project has taken two forms: an exploration of the evolution of education in Birmingham, and a school spirit yarn project around Altamont. The education symposium was entitled “Teaching and Learning: Boundaries and Pathways in Birmingham Education.” She started by exploring factors and aspects of curriculum that affect a student’s daily experience in the classroom. The other facet of Eleanor’s Miree Project revolves around creating yarn art installations around the school to highlight school spirit and bring a pop of color to the everyday. She hopes to continue to organize and create these installations to bring awareness to issues in the community around her.

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