Caroline Lee

Leadership is the idea of achieving universal respect across generations by teaching others how to lead in an unknown future.

Leadership Profile

Caroline began her leadership journey by sharing her passion for animals with others. By gaining service hours working with animals, Caroline inspired others to help and wanted to bring the love she found through this service work to the school. Though her passion for animals never changed, her means of service work did, as she now volunteers as a tax preparer to help bring different generations together while learning valuable life skills. She is currently the president of Altamont's SGA and secretary of Mu Alpha Theta.

Miree Project

During every exam week at the Altamont School, Caroline brings service dogs to help relieve stress for students taking their finals. Though this project has remained consistent and occurs twice a year, Caroline’s focused changed. In her ninth and tenth grade year, Caroline volunteered with the Humane Society and created donation drives to help the shelter. Junior year, Caroline decided she wanted to blend her love of service with her future career goals, so she received training through Impact America's SaveFirst program. Caroline is now an IRS certified volunteer and helps people learn how to submit their taxes correctly and on time. Caroline’s future service project plans to bring more members of the Altamont community to this program, furthering the relations between different generations. Though her career goals have changed, Caroline still incorporates her love of spreading positivity and learning valuable life skills into her service work. She wants to leave a legacy of this positivity and preparation in the Altamont community when she graduates, and, of course, carry it with her into her future.

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