Benjamin Tang

People can come and go, but actions make impact unvanquished.

Leadership Profile

Ben's interst in the technology and science fields began at a young age. He holds offices in Altamont's most esteemed honor societies; he is the current president of both the Basil M. Parks chapter of the National Honor Society and Altamont's Mu Alpha Theta chapter. He also presides over Altamont's Honor Court.

Miree Project

Ben saw a need for the women and children living at The Lovelady Center, a residential rehabilitation home for women where they can be re-united with their children, to have working technology for their GED and after school programs. Over the past two years, Ben has worked to rebuild seven refurbished, functional computers for Lovelady, and he continues to share his passion for technology with computer donations and training to other non-profits.

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